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Shawn Nelson has been building houses and working in construction most of his life....

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Certified Energy Star Builder

Energy Efficient Homes

We are proud to offer new homes that are Energy Star Certified.  By implementing energy efficient features in our homes, we are able to pass significant, long term, savings on to our clients while minimizing the effects on our environment.

Quick Facts:ENERGY STAR® qualified homes use significantly less energy than standard homes on heating/cooling and water heating/delivery, saving between $200 and $400 a year. Energy-efficient homes have more consistent temperatures in and between each room and better quality of air overall, increasing home durability. Almost 3,500 home builder-EPA partnerships have resulted in the building of over 750,000 ENERGY STAR® certified homes. By 2010 there will be over 2 million of these homes. 16% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are generated by energy use in homes. That's more than your car!

ENERGY STAR® Homes Include:

  • Effective Insulation - Insulation in floors, walls and attics that has been properly installed and inspected will create a good environment for consistent temperatures, decreasing energy use and increasing comfort.

  • High-Performance Windows - High tech windows which include features such as protective coatings and the best crafted frames help heat in during winter and out during summer.

  • Tight Construction and Ducts - Drafts, moisture, dust, pollen and noise can be reduced by properly sealing holes and cracks in the home's "envelope" and ducts system, also helping the climate of the home overall.

  • Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment - Good heating/cooling systems will use less energy to quietly create the best possible environment and climate for a home, especially when connected to a tightly constructed home.

  • Efficient Products - ENERGY STAR® homes can utilize ENERGY STAR® products such as lighting fixtures, compact fluorescent bulbs, ventilation fans and major appliances to increase a home's efficiency even more.

  • Third-Party Verification - Independent energy raters and help a development company increase their understanding and options for the efficiency of any given home.

Member of National Home Builders Association

We feel that Shawn Nelson is an incredible contractor... He made building a house a great experience for us. Shwan cares about the quality of his homes and that shows with his attention to detail.

Trey & Lynn Adkins